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Which character from the book  Skulduggery Pleasant  are you  quiz. Are you Skulduggery  Stephanie  Ghastly  Tanith or   the EVIL Serpine    Take this quiz to find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which character from the book `Skulduggery Pleasant` are you?
Are you Skulduggery, Stephanie, Ghastly, Tanith or...the EVIL Serpine??? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Let`s start with a fairly inobvious one - which of the following is closest to your birthday (and these are true - i looked on character profiles on the skulduggery website)
December 31st
August 11th
2nd July
12th February
I am too busy hatching evil plans to care about things like birthdays
2. What is your preferred weapon/way of fighting?
Martial arts
3. Which of the following outfits most appeals to you?
A sharp, tailored dark suit
A long leather jacket, black t-shirt and combat trousers
A grey t-shirt, dark blue short-sleeved jacket and black jeans
A tan overcoat, large hat, scarf and sunglasses
I am too busy hatching dastardly plots to care about things like outfits!
4. What is your form of wit?
Catchy quips and one-liners
I am full of cunnig, not wit
Total randomness!
5. Another un-obvious one... What`s your favourite book out of those below?
The Catcher in the Rye
Anything by the late Gordon Edgely!
Books that help me learn how to fulfil my dastardly plans!
Histories and biographies
How to Build Your Own Fireplace, by G.H Davenport
6. RP time! The enemy attacks, what do you do?
Shoot fireballs and bullets at them
Use a great big sword! "Come and have a go if you think you`re hard enough!!!"
Kick, punch and use my slowly developing magical powers
Turn myself into stone as a form of self-defence (uh, stupid!)
Blast them to dust with my Evil Sceptre!
7. In the fight, you`re the one who...
Helps to save the day!
The one who saves the day but nearly gets killed by serpine
The one who nearly dies stopping serpines evil minions
The one who gets turned into stone before the battle`s really begun
The EVIL one!!!
8. That was a very short RP... so, are you going to rate or comment?
Neither, i am too EVIL!!
I will rate and comment
I will rate!
I may do both, but i might not do either
I will comment

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Created on:8/5/2008 4:28:06 AM
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