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Which Character from Black Cat are you??
A quiz on my new favorite anime show!!

1. Your parents were just brutally murdered right in front of you. What do you do?
I don`t have parents
Hunt the person down and kill them!!
Turn evil and try to take the organization down!!
Try to take life down a better path
2. You have a secret power.. what is it?
Major gun skills!!
Physic vision
Good looks
Evil alien technology
A good heart
Major nano-technology
3. Your friends are in danger, but you have the perfect opportunity to kill the man you most desperatly hate. Which path do you take?
Go and help my friends
I`d kill the bloody b*st*rd!!!
4. Oh no! You have been shot with some weird bullet that changes you back into a little kid?? What are your first reactions?
I am a little kid already..
What the he!! (!=L)
EEEE I am small and cute again
5. Crap... your cornered by street thugs.. You: ?
Kill them and escape easily..
Knock em out and run
6. Your hungry and starving, how do you get money fast??
Take down as many bounties as possible
Just beat people in a race, thus making them buy you food.
Use credit at a diner and not pay it
Just take the food
7. Wow.. Last question.. Umm, If you had a crazy teenager in love with you and was chasing you around what would you do??
Stick a cat to their face whenever they tried to kiss you
Run away
Kill them
I don`t have anyone
Hug them back

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Created on:12/21/2008 12:53:41 PM
Made by:fergie094

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