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What character best describes you from HBO s Rome  quiz. If you liked the tv show Rome  then this quiz is for you    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What character best describes you from HBO`s Rome?
If you liked the tv show Rome, then this quiz is for you. (e)

1. What is your learning style?
Get informed from the news.
Study documented research.
Listen to gossip.
Hands on tasks.
2. How would you descride your leadership style?
I`m a follower, what are your orders.
I will motivate people from behind the scenes.
I`m a middle man in the chain of command.
I will take command, by force if necessary.
3. Are you...
More consertive.
More liberal.
in the middle.
4. Would you say...
I give into my temptations.
I manage to resist most.
I will never give in.
5. Would you like to have large parties, inviting many people?
6. Are you a lover or a fighter?
7. What is your seduction and dating style?
Aggresive, you know what you want.
Passionate but reserved
Companionship and freindship
8. What is your opinion upon war?
War is profitable.
War is a means to an end.
I don`t concern myslef with the affair.
9. How much do you know about ancient Rome?
Wasn`t that a racey TV show.
Only what I learned in school.
More then the normal person.
10. Have you watched HBO`s Rome?

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