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What kind of cell phone are you?
Just to see which phone you are. :) (e)

1. Do you like your cell phone to flip up?
Somewhat. I could take it or leave it.
No. I hate the hassel of opening my phone.
2. Do you like music on your phone?
Uh huh! I listen to music all of the time.
I might use that feature sometimes...
Nah not really.
3. Do you want your cell phone to have a lot of features?
Totally. The more the better.
Some of them I dont use.
Nope not really.
4. Do you like phones that come in different colors?
Yes! The color really shows off my style.
Some color selection would be nice.
No. I don`t really care about colors.
5. Do you use your phone for texting a lot?
No not at all really.
6. Do you use you phone mainly for work or managing your life?
Uh huh. I just use my regular phone for talking to friends.
Somewhat. I do use it to stay connected some of the time.
Nope I use it all of the time to stay connected to friends.
7. Do you like a thin phone?
Uh huh. The thinner the better.
Doesn`t really make a difference to me.
I like a thick phone that I can actually grip.
8. Do you like a small phone (not thin)?
Yes. I like a phone that I can cram in small places.
Could take them or leave them.
Nope not really.

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