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Celebrity couples
How well do you know celebrity couples?

1. Who did Demi Moore become serious with after divorcing Bruce Willis?
Ashton Kutcher
Justin Timberlake
Nick Lachey
Michael Bolton
2. Which actor started dating Penelope Cruz after Tom Cruise?
Adam Sandler
Sean Penn
Matthew McConaughey
Chris Rock
3. Which of the following actresses has never been linked to Tom Cruise?
Katie Holmes
Nicole Kidman
Cameron Diaz
Penelope Cruz
4. Which country singer did Renee Zellweger marry and recently divorce?
Garth Brooks
Tim McGraw
Kenny Chesney
Toby Keith
5. Which "Friends" star is married to David Arquette?
Courteney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
Phoebe Buffay
Lisa Kudrow
6. Jennifer Lopez married which singer after breaking up with Ben Affleck?
Marc Anthony
Ja Rule
7. David Beckham is married to which former Spice Girl?
Baby Spice
Posh Spice
Ginger Spice
Sporty Spice
8. Gwyneth Paltrow`s husband is the lead singer of which band?
Maroon 5
9. Leonardo DiCaprio is currently dating which of the following supermodels?
Tyra Banks
Claudia Schiffer
Heidi Klum
Gisele Bundchen
10. Kelly Preston is married to which movie star?
John Travolta
Billy Crystal
Denzel Washington
Matt LeBlanc

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