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Which care bear are you?
Which of the 10 original carebears are you? Just to give credit all the outcomes came from: http://wharble.com/Care_Bears_Characters.htm

1. What color do you most of these?
Light Blue
Light Orange
Light Pink
Reg. Blue
Reg. Orange
Reg. Pink
Dark Orange
Greenish-Blue/ Cyan
2. What do ou like to do?
Your friendly, and like to make sure other peoplereach their goals and are happy.
Make sure people are caring.
tries to make sure love is felt by all
Teach people how important friendship is.
Your a quiet person. You like peace and sleep alot.
you like to invent things, and repair thing.
You like to bring luck to everyone
loves to laugh and joke all the time
You love to make sure everyones happy, and never sad
You like to Party and have fun.
3. What would you want on your tumming?
Something red....heart
Plants or flowers
some type of face. (happy face, sad face..etc.)
Shooting Star
something to do with weather. (Clouds, rain, sun. etc.)
Something colorful. (Raindow, unicorn...etc.)
4. Which bear would you like be?
Good Luck Bear
Funshine bear
Grumpy Bear
Cheer Bear
Friend Bear
Birthday Bear
Love-A-Lot bear
Bedtime Bear
Wish Bear
Tenderheart Bear

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