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What kind of cat are you?
5th quiz

1. How do you spend your day?
Sleeping, browsing the web, reading
Eating, sleeping, singing, with friends
Working hard
Exploring and learning
Dozing and staying away from work
Eating and talking to all your friends
2. What`s your favorite kind of music?
Whatever is popular, loud
Old music, chants
Vocal, fun to sing songs, loud
Songs from favorite movies
Country music
3. How do you contact your friends?
I call them on the phone
I text them.
Smoke signals and sign language xD
E-mail (internet)
I usually don`t contact them
4. How`s your room?
I am floorganized, thank you.
I can`t remember the color of my floor..
I never need to clean, I keep it nice
My room is colorful and pretty!
Littered with many knick knacks and dirty/clean clothes
I share it with siblings, so it`s dirty. We all clean it
5. Romance!
What about it?
I think it`s sooo cute!
I could care less.../No!
I like dating, but I don`t wanna settle down...
Favourite genre!
I guess it`s okay..
6. You see a mouse! Chase it?
Eh...maybe later.
NOM NOM NOM *chases it*
My meal! Of course I`ll chase it!
Of course, it`s food!
Ew. Mice? running? No thanks.
I prefer my other food...
7. Do you like animals?
Only the small, non-smelly, quiet ones
I love all animals!
I like cats, that`s why I`m taking this quiz.
I like useful animals.
The friendly ones!
8. Ideal place to live if you were a cat?
An abndoned farm, with tons of mice and hay!
An active farm, with people and othher animals galore!
A side street...away from others...
In the forest, where I can run free among the trees!
A mansion with my beautiful owners to watch over me.
A normal house, with normal food and decent living.
9. Enemy cat! You...?
It`s on my yard! But it`s so far away...
My property! *hisses*
Snarl and attack it without hesistation.
Challenge it and if it seems like a threat, attack.
Ew, I don`t care. Just don`t let it touch me!
Whatever. Rawr. And stuff.

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Created on:8/19/2012 10:48:22 PM
Made by:Ningage

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