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are you a cat or a dog?
find out if you are a cute cat or a fierce dog?

1. you see meat. You...
can i have it?
I want some.
Ooh meat, can I have some?
C-can I h-have s-some P-please?
"miow" I`m cute so gimme.
2. If you were an animal what colour would you be?
black, I wanna be cool.
red, I wanna be cool too but black is too dark.
orange, its not to dark, not too light.
yellow, its such a happy colour
green, its just an amazing colour.
brown, it reminds me of all the amazing foods. (like cat food and chocolate)
3. your owner tries to stroke you, what do you do?
Run away. (obviously) *DUH*
AAHHH!!! a monster!!
AAH I see the monster too!!! Wait... its our owner. Oh. hehe
Oh hello owner *purr*
yeah obviously its our owner. let me have a go.
4. did you like this quiz? (this will not effect your results)
yes, best so far
yeah obviously
its okay
It could do with some improvements.(write the improvements in the comments.)
no .
I am never doing your quizzes.

About This Quiz
Times Taken:124
Created on:2/21/2021 6:30:06 AM
Made by:catycat

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