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Are you a cat lover?
I love cats... a lot ;-)

1. You see an ugly-looking cat. What do you do?
Care for it anyways! Duh!
Hit it then throw it in the dumpster (Me: o.O)
Pretent like you didn`t see it then throw up when you get home (Me: Eww....)
Nothing at all
Pet it, then walk away
2. What do you do when you see this cat?
Pick it up and hold it gingerly
Pet it
Take it home
Ignore it entirely
3. What do you think of this picture?
I want that cat!
Who gives a care? (Me: I DO!!)
Wow. That is one stupid cat...
Funny... NOT!
4. What would you say if a cat said this to you.....
"You neep a scratching post... badly..."
"I know you wouldn`t scratch me!"
"Get lost you darn cat!"
Nothing. I`d just smile :-)
"Really?! Can I hear your poems?!"

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Created on:2/7/2012 4:57:55 PM
Made by:CelticSwan

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