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Are you a Cat lover or.... A DOG lover?
Find out you're purrfect furry friend!

1. How much do you like Dogs?
I like them!
I like cats...
2. How much do you like Cats?
They`re my fave!
They`re o.k.
3. What would you do in this situation: You`re mom (or watever) takes you and your younger sibling to the pet shop for a new pet. You...
Choose a tiny, little kitten furbal!
Let your younger sibling choose or whatever. It`ll make her happy;)
Choose that roley, poley puppy!
4. You`re mom got you`re brother a dog for christmas! You...
Stalk away into your room and slam the door. You wanted a kitten!
Tell him your happy for him and go play some super mario Bros.
Scream with Joy! A dog was a perferct choice for the family!
5. Surprise! Your dad buys your sister a kitten for her birthday! You...
Yell at her; DOGS ARE BETTER! and stalk to your room.
Say;"Yay, watever,"
Jump up and down! (then hog the kitten because she is purrfect....)
6. Oh, No! your grandma`s favorite cat just died! You...
Stay in your room for the next three weeks and cry. She was your favorite, too...
Go to school and stuff, but you tell your friends and cry a little during gym.
Shrug it off. She should have had a dog.
7. Oh, No! Your Uncle`s dog just died! You...
Cry your heart out and almost stop eating! You loved that mutt...
Tell him you are sorry about his loss and try to remems=ber all the wonderful memories...
Go read a book to drown out the thought. although he was fun, cats are better.
8. It`s time to feed your dog! You...
Give him the heartiest of meats!
Pour him some kibble and go read.
give him leftover corn-on-the-cob and go give your cat some salmon!
9. It`s time to feed your Cat! You...
Slop in some grubby meatloaf and go pet your dog.
Glop in some tuna and go play with your friends.
Give your favorite little furbal some leftover salmon! He enjoys it so!
10. Do you like dogs or cats?

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Created on:12/21/2015 10:14:27 AM
Made by:MeowMix37

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