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What cat breed is best for you quiz quiz. What breed is best for you  Would it be a gentle ragdoll  Or pehaps an active abbyssinian   Find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What cat breed is best for you quiz
What breed is best for you? Would it be a gentle ragdoll? Or pehaps an active abbyssinian...Find out!

1. Would you like an active cat?
Oh Yeah!
Not really
Eh. Half & Half
Doesn`t really matter to me
2. How much time would you spend grooming your cat?
ALOT!!! I want a puffball.
Weekly brushing
I`m to bussy to groom a cat
As much as they need me to
Don`t care, I like a cat 4 their personality
3. Would you like a cuddly cat?
Uh Huh!
Half and Half
4. Would you like an indoor or outdoor cat?
Indoor. After all they live longer!
Outdoor. I want my cat to connect to its wild side.
Outdoor by day, Indoor by night.
5. Do you like exotic shaped cats?
Yep! Let the long & skinny live!
Nope. I want a bulky cat.
Never put much thought into that...I guess which ever.
6. Would you like an ancient cat breed?
Oh yes! I could do a histroy report on my cat!
No I want a new cat breed no has heard of before!
7. Do you want a cat that would live a long, healthy life?
Yes! I get very sad when 1 of my pets die...
As long as it stays with me for at least 4 years its fine with me.

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