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CASTING CALL: New hero for the next Avengers movie
Which role would you be perfect for?

1. You`ve been kidnapped, locked in a cave, and forced to build weapons for your captors. How do you escape?
Quietly take down the guards, wear their clothes and walk out the front door.
Smash the door down. I feel sorry for who`s on the other side.
Wait for rescue. It shouldn`t be long...I`m kind of a big deal.
I can hold my own in a firefight. I`ve been trained for this.
Kindly oblige. Pretend to build weapons. Wait for my opportunity to run.
2. You`ve just been thawed from an icy slumber. What`s your initial reaction?
No reaction...lets get to work
3. You have a family member up to shenanigans. How do you handle the situation?
Confront them about it...hopefully you can get through to them.
Make sure they know that you want to apply pressure but don`t want to scare them off.
Make sure you gather all the facts before you make your move.
Call for help...this may be more than you can handle yourself.
4. You`ve been exposed to gamma radiation!! How do you handle "the other guy"?
Stay calm at all wouldn`t like me when I`m angry!
Live in solitude. Its too dangerous to be around people.
Search for a cure.
Try to find a way to control it...even if it`s not possible.
Embrace it!! I`m never turning back to a puny human!!
5. S.H.I.E.L.D needs you for a mission. Details are CLASSIFIED. How do you respond?
Accept. I respect the process.
Accept, but demand details.
Accept...if the price is right.
Refuse. My reasons are also CLASSIFIED.
Refuse. And get outta my face or it`s gonna get messy.
6. You find yourself in possession of an Infinity Stone. What do you do with it?
Take it directly to S.H.I.E.L.D. They`re best equipped to contain it.
Take it to the Avengers. They`re best equipped to defend it.
Entrust it to a cosmic being that "collects" rare artifacts.
Keep it. The power you possess can be used for good, right?
Destroy it. Its not worth the risk of its existence.
7. You`re up against an opponent way out of your power class. What do you do?
Go on the`s your duty as a hero.
Stall...hopefully backup is on their way.
Defend and wait for an opening.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! Call for backup...but leave yourself exposed.
Run...regroup...reengage on your own terms
8. Where do you sit on the Quinjet?
Outside...flying of course
I`ll find my own way, thank you
9. Male / Female?

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