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What candy are you   quiz. Are you a mint humbug  a classic toffee or a new fangled Maom Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What candy are you??
Are you a mint humbug, a classic toffee or a new-fangled Maom?

1. Fave colour?
Bright colours
Cold colours
Warm colours
Pastel colours
A mixture (multi-coloured!)
2. Fluffy Jumper?
Yessssss, Christmas time already!!
I`d prefer a hoodie
If it`s warm, I`ll take it!
3. Last Question: What`s your ideal sweet?

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,102
Created on:12/9/2018 5:59:10 AM
Made by:YAYBOX

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