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What Candy Bar are You?
Are you Snickers? How about Hershey?

1. It`s the next school dance. You:
Dress your best and dancing!
Hang with a huge group.
Dance the night away!
Chill near the snack bar.
Hang with your small group of friends.
Start a simultaneos dance move.
Discover new dances.
2. Your dream vacation:
A whole day in a club.
Hanging out with all your buds.
Exploring an abandoned tomb.
Creating a website.
Calling your best friend for a day together.
Playing sports.
Relaxing at home, watching TV.
3. It would kill you if:
You broke your leg before your big race.
Had to be told what to do.
Had no peace whatsoever.
Had no friends.
Couldn`t hold parties.
Couldn`t discover on your own.
Was bullied everyday.

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Created on:6/8/2008 8:17:15 PM
Made by:shayminluver

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