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Which Camp Confidential Character are you?
Are you Natalie, Alyssa, Alex, Grace, Jenna, Chelsea, Candace, Brynn, Tori, or Valerie?

1. What are your favorite activities?
Newspaper and ceramics
Everything Art
sports and MORE SPORTS
laughing and acting
sports and EATING
sports and being mean
reading and boating
ACTING ur the drama queen
2. If I looked in your room what would I see?
Pics of friends and kinda messy (Now where did that whoopee cushion go)
Happy colors
none of the above
everything neat and organized
books everywhere
artwork made by me
playbooks from musicals
pics with celebrities
I have to share my room : (
makeup samples
3. What would you never want to do?
Never look in the mirror
Be mean
eat sugar
break my leg
break my nail
never act again
be the center of attention
go on a diet
never where makeup
lose a friend
4. What do people think of you?
a little mean
shy and quiet
sporty and thin
funny and hungry
sassy and fun
artsy and unique
pretty and fun
5. What is your fav food?
tofu dogs
gummy bears
sugar-free candy
6. What do people ask u for advice about?
life in general you`re a great listener
how to crush ur opponents on the soccer field
how to cheer someone up
To prank someone
to be mean
help with homework
how to audition for a part
how to dance
a whole makeover
7. If you could save one thing in a fire what would it be?
my makeup
chess board
my stash of pranks
pics of friends
soccer cleats
pencil and paper
8. What do you look for in a guy/girl? but I highly doubt any guys would take this quiz
funny and gorgeous
artistic and unique
sporty, funny, and fun
fun and cool
funny, cool, sporty, and someone who can eat as much as me
quiet but interesting
Someone who likes what I like, gorgeous, good listener, good dancer and someone who says I look nice
gorgeous, smart, lets me boss him around
funny, smart and good looking
9. What`s your fav quote?
"It`s all about you. Don`t look to a guy to make you feel like you have a sense of value." -Sara Lev
"Always believe in yourself. Feel free and never be afraid, because fear robs you of your powers"
I think I can..." -The Little Engine That Could
"I am the ultimate cheerleader because I believe that if we do things together, there is hope."
"The only time to eat diet food is while you`re waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child
"Shoot for the moon, because if you miss, you`ll hit the stars." -Cammi Granato
"A good education is another name for happiness" -Ann Plato
"if you look confident, you can pull of anything- even if you have no clue what you`re doing."
"I always wanted to be something, but now I see I should have been more specific." -Lily Tomlin
"In every girl is a goddess." -Francesca Lia Block

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