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 VERY IMPORTANT Calling DeathClan   quiz. This is my last say Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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VERY IMPORTANT Calling DeathClan!
This is my last say!

1. For all DeathClan cats I Blackstar is calling war with BoneClan in three suns!
I will destory you DeathClan
2. I don`t know what Leafstar or her warriors are doing but hopefully our allies will fight along side us!
Hopefully they will!
Hopefully they won`t!
3. Mistyfoot and Sandpaw if your taking this make sure we have the right herbs to fight
Herd....who needs them??
4. I`ve lost 3 lives in a fight with Sharpstar know it`s my payback only I WILL DESTORY HIM FOREVER!
Good idea!
You suck!
5. I have though long and hard on this fact and I have something important to say...DeathClan is no longer DeathClan but FlameClan! Death is something for evil and I Blackstar is fighting for good!
Very good!
Stupid names!

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Created on:5/7/2009 1:48:38 PM
Made by:inferno4444

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