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What cake are you?
enough said

1. Someone bumps into you. What do you do?
say "excuse me my fault"
kick them in the shins and yell, "GO LLMAS!!!"
Punch them in the face repeatedly then spit on them
say sorry then scream in their face
2. Your noses starts to itch really badly while your in a restaraunt so you....
start picking your nose and yell "DONT MIND ME!!!"
Blow your nose repeatedly
Go to the bathroom and blow your nose
Take a knife and stick it up your nose
Point and yell, "Look what she`s wearing!" then while everyones distracted scratch your nose
Make yourself sneeze then say "excuse me" really sweetly
3. When people ask you simple questions that catch you off guard you....
say "Yes..no...maybe...ummm...57!!"
say the right answer
Cleverly ask them a simple question you know they dont know
say girlishly,"Um...like...i dont know?!"
4. Please dont kill me...*gulp* fav color?
light pink...sometimes black or yellow or gray
dark red or black (maybe a deep pink)
purple or bright yellow...depends on the day
light pink or white...something formal
pink or a light purple
orange, maroon, or something that just says "BAM! here i am world!"
putrid brown or mustard yellow
green, purple, or blue
5. People sometimes say you are...
bossy and independent
strong willed and confident
random and misfitted
polite and quiet
rude and obnoxious
thoughtful and helpful
smart yet evil
6. Will you comment and rate? (no affect)
7. Please pass quiz on!(no affect)
sure why not
no way

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Created on:3/23/2008 12:59:51 PM
Made by:24goddessgrl

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