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Are you busty?
Let us see if we can guess

1. Are you overweight?
Not at all
A little
I am obese
2. Look down without a shirt, can you see your belly button?
With a bit of struggle
If I am lying down
Only with a mirror
3. Unexpected running is a problem to you?
Why should it be?
Not really, I am always wearing sports bra
4. Do people stare at your chest?
Even women and kids do, it`s just that hard no to do
They try to hide it but I can see that people do it a lot
Mostly teenager men.
Only if I am topless
5. How many bras do you own?
3 or less
3 to 6
More than 6
6. What can you do without a bra on?
Take a shower/bath
The above and sleep
Go to work/college/school
7. Would you put an implant
Are you crasy? I need a reduction!
Yes, I think.
8. People consider you beautiful?
Yes, they think that I am hot!
Yes, they think that I am cute.
No, I`m a whale.
No, I`m a skeleton.
9. Your first bra was bought when...
I was 10 years old or younger
I was 11 years old
I was 12 years old
I was 13 or older

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Created on:10/12/2016 10:45:25 AM
Made by:illyasvel

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