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Which Bridge to Terabithia Character Are You?
Are you Jesse, Leslie, Maybelle, Gary, Scott, Miss Edmunds or Janice?

1. What do you like to do for fun?
Write stories and make things up
Play super extreme barbie
Push people around
Watch TV
Listen to music, play it and write it
Bully people
2. What do you think of rope swings?
They might not be safe
Let your head hang back and watch the clouds, it feels like flying
Whoohoo they`re fun!!
They`re total junk
I agree with what he just said
I used to like them when i was younger
They`re for stupid little kids
3. How do you dress?
In plain t-shirts and ragged, ripped jeans
In an individual t-shirt, cut-off combat trousers or skinny jeans, and baseball boots
a dress and a woolly jumper
sports top and jeans
same as him
A dress, some leggins and high heels
a big football shirt, tight trousers and clumpy shoes
4. What is your favourite colour?
dark blue
5. How did you spend your summer?
Drawing, practicing for the school race, helping my dad with jobs
Writing stories, reading, moving house with my parents
Running around with my friends and playing super extreme barbie
Pushing people around and playing soccer
watching TV and being generally lazy
Visiting new places and playing music
Being hit by my dad and bullying people
6. In school, what are you in your class?
Lonely guy sitting at the front
Lonely girl who gets her work read out a lot
a happy bubbly person with loads of friends
a bully with a sidekick
the sidekick
a teacher
a bully
7. What`s your favourite lesson?
Art (painting)
Music ( i like to hit people with the instruments)
I hate school
Music, it`s the lesson i teach
I hate school even more
8. What would you be most likely to say?
I don`t see any magical creatures... (yet)
Keep your mind wide open
let`s do something, definitely, what shall we do?
Sweet sneaks, aarons, you wear your sisters hand-me-down underwear too?
Get out of my way!
Let`s hear you make some noise!!
Beanpole, farmerboy

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