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Are you brave or cowardly?
A quiz telling you once and for all if you're brave or not!

1. You have to sing in a talent show, how do you react?
Totally freak out and refuse to do sing in front of people
Ask if you could sing with someone
Sing and not worry about it
Sing your heart out way longer than you`re supposed to!
2. It`s the first day of school and the outfit you want to wear is a totally crazy. Do you wear it?
No, no, no, nope, notta, absolutely not, and NO!
I`d try something a little safer to wear
I`d wear it the second day of school
3. You`re friends want to watch this freaking scary movie? Do you watch it?
No. Way. I`d leave the room or watch something else!
I wouldn`t want to, but my friends would make me. And i`d freak out!
I`d totally watch and I`d pick out a dozen more to see!
My friends wouldn`t pick it out, I would!
4. The girl/guy you`ve been crushing on forever is now single and in your line of sight. You...
Wonder what could be...
You`re friends go and spill the beans
Go up and talk, try to become friends
Ask him/her out on a date
5. You just got punched in the face by a bully. You...
Cry and run away
Back away slowly and tell someone, like a teacher or adult
Yell at them and tell on them
ATTACK HIM OR HER!!!!!!!!!!!
6. You`re way past curfew and you need to go through this creepy alley way. You...
Immediately walk through it
Grab a flashlight and walk through
Sit on the curb, running through all your options before bolting through the alley
Find a safer option, you`d have to be late
7. You walk through a spider web and a spider lands in your face. You...
Scream and run around in circles
Completely freeze up and whimper
Brush the spider off
Squish it!!
8. Your friend is biking and she/he falls and breaks his/her arm. You...
Ditch him/her to find help, while yelling/crying
Totally lose your head
Comfort him/her and call for help
Try to carry him/her to safety
9. Your friends want to go bungee jumping? You..
Down right refuse and tell him/her she/he is crazy!
Tell them maybe and go along but don`t jump
You go of course!
Say no, you want to go skydiving!!
10. You decide to go gambling. You spend how much money?
20 and below
100 and below
100 and above, baby!
11. A friend asks "Would you join the military?". You reply...
No way in heck!
Maybe, depends on things (while thinking NO!)
Sure, I`d like to join the Marines!
YEAH! I`d join the army and sign up for the most dangerous missions!
12. You`re friends asks if you want to ride a skateboard pulled by a truck. Would you?
No way, that`s totally dangerous.
You`d say no, but you`d volunteer to drive the truck
HECK YEAH! What fun!!!
13. You`re working a gas station a man with a gun comes in and demands money. You...
Scream, cry, and give him the money
You attack him with a baseball bat!
You calmly give him the money and call the police
Sob hysterically and hide behind counter begging him to spare your life
14. A man comes at you and a loved one with a knife, intent on murder. You...
Run for you life
Sob and beg for mercy
Try and save your loved one
Attack him with a baseball bat!

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Created on:8/19/2008 12:18:26 AM
Made by:jikajika

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