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Which branch of the Military best suits you?
See which branch of the U.S. Military is best for you?

1. Are you afraid of heights?
I`m terrified!
I love being up high!
It doesnt bother me much.
Yes, but not too bad.
2. Which is your ideal place to live?
Somewhere inland .
Anywhere near a beach.
The East Coast where it`s rich in American history.
On the open sea!
I don`t have a preference.
3. How well do you work with people?
I like doing my own thing.
I work well with a team.
Im usually the leader of the pack.
Im good if its just me and a few other people.
4. How much do you work out?
Pretty much never.
I work out all the time.
I don`t work out much, but I would like to.
I work out on occasion or just when I have time.
5. Would you be up to face to face combat with the enemy?
It`s what I long for!
If it was my duty.
That would freak me out!
6. What is your favorite thing to do when you`re near water?
Go swimming!
I like to go on boats.
Im not really much of a water person.
I can`t stand being in water!
7. Which do you think is most important for the military to deal with?
The threats of terrorism on the U.S.
Helping rebuilding the Middle Eastern countries.
Maintaining our aliances with foreign countries.
Maintaining the economy and national affairs
Maintaining Peace and Stabililty with foreign countries.
8. If you didn`t join the military, which would you choose for a career?
A pilot.
A firefighter/police(wo)man.
A politician.
Anything dealing with the water.
None of these suits me.
9. Which sounds best in front of your last name?
Chief of Staff
Master Sergeant
10. Finally, pick a color.

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