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What kind of boyfriend would be?
Find out if you are someone's prince charming.

1. You meet this really nice woman who is also gorgous, and she says, "Hi, my name is Darcie" What do you do?
Say hello back, state your name and have a nice converstaion
Start studdering, you`re not use to girls talking to you, let alone gorgous ones
Say, are your pants made of glass? Because I can see myself in them. **wink, wink**
2. Ok, so you got through talking to her, and she wants to go on a date with you. Where do you take her?
To a D&D convention so she can meet all your cool friends
To a dinner and a movie
On a nice walk along the beach at sunset
3. The date is over. You guys are sitting your car just talking. She leans in for a kiss, what do you do?
Say, well, I had a good time, I`ll call you.
Kiss her, and tell her you had a good time.
Kiss her and then some...
4. Do you call her the next day?
No, I`m going to let her call me.
No, I wait a couple days then call. I don`t want to sound desperate.
Of course I call her, I really liked her and want to go out again.
5. You know question number one? What was her name? (NO CHEATING!!)

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Created on:4/6/2007 7:22:18 PM
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