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What Book have you Inspired   No obvious questions results  quiz. You may know what type of book  but which book or series exactly   Rate please  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Book have you Inspired? (No obvious questions/results)
You may know what type of book, but which book or series exactly? (Rate please!)

1. How often do you cry?
Never usually. I don`t really have a lot of emotions twords things.
A lot. It actually helps me get what I want, or it turns the camera`s focus on me.
I cry for other people more than I cry for myself.
2. I usually fall in love (or like):
With rich, good-looking people.
I rarely fall in love - but when I do it`s with the totally wrong person.
With who ever I fall in love with, I guess.
3. The best kind of day?
A perfect blue sky and perfect green grass.
When it`s night.
It doesn`t matter to me. As long it doesn`t interfere with what I`m doing.
4. When you hear the word you beautiful, this picture pops in your head:
Make up.
A colorful painting.
The person I love.
5. You`re favorite type of picture is in:
Black and white
Sepia (An oldish color)
6. Do you care about what other people think?
They usually care about what I think.
7. Gender!

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