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Are you a bold flirt? (Girlz only)
Can you keep 'em on their toes? ;)

1. Ok, so you`re in Wal-Mart and you see this really cute guy walking toward you. You arn`t looking directly at him, but you think he`s looking at you. What do you do?
Nothing, continue not looking at him.
Say `Hey. What`s up?`
"Accidently" bump into him.
Smile at him, and pray he was looking.
Smile at him.
Say `Hi` and look down
Say `Hey, I`m not from around here, and I can`t find the [enter random object]. Will you help me?`
2. Oooh, it`s the guy again! Ok, this time you saw him on the aisle with the music CDs. You were looking at the [enter name of your fav band] CD, when he walked up behind you and was looking at the CDs on the other rack. What do you do this time?
Take a step back `not knowing` he was behind you.
Ask him if he has any reccommendations on a good CD to get.
Point to the CD he`s holding and say `I heard that was a good CD. Lemmie know what you think`
Say `Do you see anything you like?`
*saying nothing and breathing hard*
Say `Hi...again` and smile.
Walk away
*pick up a CD* say `Have you ever heard this band?`
Turn and say `Hi`
3. Sorry, but what`s your fav color?
Reds and pinks.
Black and red
Greens and Yellows
4. Sign your name on a piece of paper. Did you do any special to it, or just wrote it?
Fancy font, curls and squigglys.
I dot my i`s with hearts.
I drew a straight line under it.
I drew a smiley/star/heart/peace sign(s) around it.
I drew a line with a curl under it.
I made the first letters of my name larger than the rest.
I drew a heart/circle around it.
Plain type/box letters
I just wrote it?
5. Which smiley face do you use the most?
6. Do you have different ringtones for all friends/family/boys in your phone?
Yes, all my fav songs! XD
No, that`s stupid.
No, that`s pointless.
7. Do you paint your nails a lot? If so, what color do you usually paint `em?
I don`t paint my nails
Reds, pinks.
French manicure.
Blues, yellows, greens, oranges.
Purples and blues.
8. Look at your bed. Do you have lots of pillows/blankets/stuffed animals?
Yes! Tons!
A few
Just a couple pillows
Barely any.
9. Look at your bedroom walls. Do you have lots of posters/paintings/pictures?
Yes. They`re everywhere!
Just a bunch of posters.
A few paintings.
A few pictures of my me, my friends, and my family.
10. Will you rate or comment? Please!! XD
Depends on my results.

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Created on:6/3/2010 2:22:35 AM
Made by:msaskmenot

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