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"Spell Magic"
The title is the name of a song by: Acid Black Cherry. Which of my friends are you more like?

1. How`d you get that cut?
What the hell! I have no idea...
I draw pictures on myself with needles.
Hmmm.....I don`t know......
What scratch? Oh, this *talks some more*
2. what did you do when you saw the cut?
Got excited because it`s so pretty and licked it. O God, it tastes good!
Nothing. It`ll go away.
Thought about how I may have gotten it.
3. What`s your favourite book?
Twilight, duh!
Too many to name!
A poo load of manga.
I don`t like reading.
4. What`s your favourite colour?
Black and neon colours
Black and pink
Never thought about it.
5. What colour is your hair?
Brown and pink with some purple.
dark brown/almost black
dark brown
6. What colour are your eyes?
Dark grey-ish + green and a tad of blue.
7. The teacher assigns group work, you.....
sit calmly and read. Eventually, some chics come over and ask if I want to be in their group.
Work by myself unless the teacher assigns me to a group.
work with your friends.
8. What`s your height?
About 4 ft. 8 Don`t laugh at my shortness!!
5 ft. 3
About 5 ft.
5 ft. 2
I`m very tall. VERY.
9. Your body type is....
Thin and flat....*sigh* -_-
medium weight and pretty good curves.
Not really skinny, good curves.
I`m a dude, what`s this about curves!!?? *has perverted thoughts* Yeah..You know you would....
10. Your hair style is...
Like Alice Cullen
Mid-length and straight.
Mid-length and I wear them like puppy ears. ^^
Short. Longer in the front and short in the back.
Long and wavy
Mohawk!! not the Shishty fohawk! A REAL mohawk!
11. Done.
The Leprechaun King will smite thee!!
Pudding. Ha ha
Happy Sun. ^^
Ok. *hides hyper-self*

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Created on:3/28/2009 4:56:19 PM
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