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Are you a blond?
Take this quiz to see it you are a blode

1. When you go to a friends house, how do you act?
I am so random, and love to have fun!
I`m mellow, and in my own world most of the time
You like to have fun depending on the PERSON
You like to laugh and do random things
You are hyper... but kind of bored
2. Do you like to laugh
Love to laugh!
Yep! I laugh a lot!
Yeah... laughing is good for the soul
No... I laugh like twice a day
No laughing is a waste of time!
3. Are you a relaxed kind of person?
NO NO NO! I freak OUT if i just... don`t have my homework finished
Well... when my cds go missing... I`ll tottally freak out, but for the most part, I am calm.
No... I`m sooooo calm
I`m hyper and jittery
I`m calmer than anyone....
4. Are you girlie?
Yepp! I`m super girlie... for the most part
I`m cool... because I`m girlie
No... I hate girlie girls
Yeah... I`m not THAT girlie
No girlie girls don`t know how to take life seriously.
5. What do you like to buy at the mall?
Clothes... I guess
Make- up
A lot of mak- up and clothes and books and just about everything
6. If your hampster got out of it`s cage, what would you do?
Let it run around for a while until the cat chases after it
Get it back safely in it`s cage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! ah!!!! get it get it get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go after it, it`s not a big deal
Oh my gosh! Did my hampster ESCAPE?! Go tell my mom!
okokok! We are going to find this hampster!
7. Ok, last question... do you like to dance?
Yeah... every once and a while...
Yeah! dancing is exersise!
Dancing is awesome!!! I love dancing!
I hate dancing, ecspecially infront of people!
Dancing? Um, well yeah.... it`s alright...

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Times Taken:499
Created on:9/14/2007 9:20:33 PM
Made by:DoctorWho123

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