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Which Bleach Guy is Your Match?
10 possible results. Answer honestly for best results. Made as accurately as possible. Have fun!

1. Which color hair & style do you think is most appealing?
Black, straight & sleek
White, spikey yet uniquely styled
Black, trim & long
Brown, styled & sleek
Red, tied-back & long
Chocolate brown, wavy & somewhat long
Orange, spikey & short
Dark blue, neat & short
Blond, loose & wavy
Black, straight & somewhat long
2. What about his eyes? Which color would make you melt?
Deep blue
Light brown
Intense green
Chocolate brown
Hazy black
Silver gray
Earthy brown
Sky blue
Pale green
3. Which song can you relate to most (or the one that I would most likely catch you listening to)?
Stand Ablaze - In Flames
News from the Front - Bad Religion
No Song Unheard
Girl`s Not Grey - AFI
Moonshield - In Flames
Go the Distance - Hercules
Stray Dog - HAZU ft. III-Bosstino
Idioteque - Radiohead
Je Chante Pour Passer Le Temps - Giovanni Mirabassi
4. Which of these outfits represents you best? (NOT judging by the girl)
5. What type of build do you prefer? What`s a good height for him?
Strong & ripped, 6`5"
Lithe & flexible, 5`9"
Slender yet muscular, 5`11"
Aesthetic & lean, 5`6"
Powerful & sturdy, 6`1"
Well-built but refined, 5`11"
Unassuming yet surprisingly fit, 6`0"
Six packs all the way, some tattoos, 6`2"
Slender, preferably no six packs, height makes no difference
It doesn`t matter, but maybe on the short side.
6. Tell me something about yourself.
I`ll fight for what I believe in, no matter what.
I can`t stand injustice; I believe in equality.
I hate childish behavoir; I get annoyed easily.
I have a soft spot for cute things.
Loyalty to my family & friends comes first!
I don`t believe in things I cannot see.
I do the best I can to support those I care about.
I strongly believe in law and order.
I`ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.
I`m passionate about the things I`m interested in.
7. Would you lke to get married and have children someday?
I don`t know. Never really thought about it.
That would be nothing but a waste of time.
Maybe. We`ll see.
What would be the point?
As many children as possible. :)
Doesn`t seem like such a bad idea, but...
Never. Not a chance.
Having a family would be nice.
A partner maybe, and possibly adoption. That`d be good enough with me.
Uhh... I`m not sure. ^-^`
8. Got a food you like most?
Anything spicy
Miso soup
Cake filled w/ sweet bean paste
I don`t have one.
Anything`s good with me!
9. A little kid comes up to you and asks for a donation. What do you do?
Wad some money into a ball and aim it into the kid`s bucket. SCORE!
Guess I could donate.
Happily donate the rest of my money. ^_^
If he were polite, I would donate generously.
Hand the kid a couple bucks and keep moving.
Donate without hesitation, even if I don`t have much on hand.
Ignore him. I have better things to do.
Scramble around for any loose change. Gotta at least give him something!
I`d have to think about it... Eh, what harm it do?
Glance at the kid before silently moving on.
10. Guess what? You`ve just been voted as the next class representative! How does this make you feel?
No reaction. That wouldn`t happen.
I can see why they chose me, but that doesn`t mean I wanna do it.
I`m honored and accept the position.
I`m stunned, but gladly take the opportunity. It could look good on college apps.
I suppose I`ll go for it. Can`t hurt, can it?
Show my gratitude, but decline.
What the hell?!
Take the position, but only to gain higher status.
I don`t think I`d be the right person for the job...
Well, this is a surprise!
11. What would you love to do on your first date with this great new guy?
Midnight stroll through a cherry blossom park beside the lake.
Something fun! Maybe hit an arcade or play some sports.
Out to eat at a restaurant with a great view over a river, with live music and a dance floor.
A winter walk through the snow. Perhaps go ice skating and afterwards to a warm cafe.
Shopping would be nice! Especially if he wanted to go, too. :D
Perhaps to an art gallery. Someplace where we might share our interests.
It wouldn`t matter. He could take me anywhere, and I`d be happy.
Somewhere we can be alone. That`s all I`d need.
Out for some practice, then later just head back to his place and relax.
I have no idea! I`d be fine doing pretty much anything.
12. Which flaw can you handle the best?
Manipulative; I can see through it.
Hot-tempered; I`m don`t get angry easily.
Dispassionate; I`m not all that touchy-feely myself.
Indifferent; I know what`s in his heart.
Melodramatic; I`d actually think it`s kinda funny.
Cocky; he needs a girl to put him in his place!
Silent; I want a guy who`ll listen to me when I talk.
Humorless/serious; I`m pretty easy going, so maybe I could loosen him up.
Meak; it doesn`t matter if he`s strong or not.
"All-knowing"; I like to be kept in the know, and I don`t have anything to hide.
13. Choose the one you feel most drawn to:
14. You want a guy who is:
of high rank and well-respected.
strong yet intelligent.
doesn`t have to talk much.
mature for his age.
amazing at stitching clothes!
a determined fighter.
NOT a pervert.
able to remain calm even in the midst of panic.
laid back, but hides a sharp cunning.
gentle and kind-natured.
15. Who would most likely be one of your closest friends?
Rukia Kuchiki
Orihime Inoue
Yoruichi Shihoin
Momo Hinamori
Isane Kotetsu
Tatsuki Arisawa
Rangiku Matsumoto
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

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