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Blah To All! quiz. .... bleh.. chicken

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Blah To All!
.... bleh.. chicken (e)

1. Are you a freak in sheeps clothing... fur is murder, but that`s not the point... ummm..hmmm
I like sheep
I`m from New Zealalnd, i really like sheep. *baa*
The world will end soon.. leave the sheep alone!
2. One time I saw a girrafe in a tree, but no one would believe me... then there was that weird pig....
I believe you!
Leave the sheep alone!
Myspace rules!
HA HA HA, that`s just like that purple elephant that was eating the frogs outside my house...
3. if I offered you a lollipop would you eat it?
HA, no thems for throwing...
I like sheep and cheese good mixture, oh yeah

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Times Taken:1,877
Created on:8/29/2007 1:28:24 AM
Made by:michigoth

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