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What Black Butler Character are you?
Read the title ^^.

1. Waht is your favorite color
I like all colors
2. Whats your tallent?
Making things pretty ^^
Im avenging my parents
Im a cook
Im strong and i like to garden
I was an assassin
Im a grim reeper
I make coffins and stuff You dont need to know :)
Im simpily one helava butler :) *devilish grin*
Im a butler
3. ROLLE PLAY TIME! You are walking down the street and somthings running up to you, you:
Scream and run away
Call for your butler
Stand still to see what it is
4. No matter what you do you found out it was lizzy and she is panting and says "Help! Theres a dog attacking people!" You :
Call your butler to stop the dog
go get the dog
I was the one telling people!
5. No matter what you do you go with lizzie to see and it was pluto "Lizzie its just pluto." "Oh"
Smak lizzie
yell at her
Tell her that it was only pluto and walk away
6. What song fits you best?
Ima diva
Fragile (Kerli)
The Creasionist
Bring me to life

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Created on:6/13/2011 5:15:00 PM
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