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What type of bird are you?
I was really tired while making this.

1. Alright, so it`s a new day. You look in your closet and pull out a shirt. What color is it most likely to be?
Red: Flashy and Exuberant
Purple: Mysterious and Intimidating
Pink: Cheerful and Conventional
White: Pure and Magnificent
Black: Solemn and Ominous
Gray: Dirty and Disheveled
2. Which type of gem do you prefer when picking out jewelry?
3. You`ve just picked up a new book. What is it about?
A real life story about how a person finally achieves their dreams.
A fantasy story about a hero/heroine.
A real life story about how two people find each other and become the best of friends.
A fantasy story of good and evil where good ultimately triumphs over evil.
A fantasy story of good and evil where evil ultimately triumphs over good.
A story about crime, drugs, and other such illicit affairs.
4. How do you like to travel?
On a cruise ship; ocean liner
On a commercial jet airplane or private plane.
On a fast, passenger train
In my own car.
In a space ship, if it were possible. Still waiting for the first commercial flight to the moon...
I don`t. I prefer to stay where I am.
5. Pick a scene.
Soft, white clouds melting into a clear, blue sky that floats above the mysterious sea.
Breath-taking mountains with cold, snow-capped peaks which look down upon cozy villages.
A warm fireplace with cocoa, sitting in a comfortable chair while listening to raindrops.
Tall, ancient trees filled with wisdom, sentries that have stood over human civilization for years.
Misty night in a dark forest whose habitants are the black, leafless trees, covered in shadows.
Indestructible fortress, overlooking the humans fighting, savaging, and hunting.
6. A stranger approaches you and introduces themselves. How do you react?
Politely. I don`t want to seem rude, but I am still uncomfortable talking to someone new.
I`m a little bit aloof. I probably haven`t even noticed the person.
Friendly. I love people and love making new acquaintances!
I have a bit of an elitist attitude, actually. I brag a lot of my accomplishments, there are many.
Shyly. I don`t really socialize that much. I prefer to be by myself.
Calculatingly. I size the person up, looking for weaknesses that I can exploit.
7. Which of these human characteristics do you find to be the most noble?
Intellect / Reason
Creativity / Love
Pride / Ambition
8. You feel strongly about something, and all of a sudden this person comes up to you and directly insults your opinion and your intelligence as well. How do you respond?
I`m angry, but I don`t do anything I`d regret later. I keep a calm mind through it all.
I`m infuriated! I give them a piece of my mind, and I`ll probably insult their intelligence as well!
I`m hurt. Why would they say such a thing? In fact, that`s exactly what I`d ask them.
I`m livid! I`d go farther than just insulting them! I just might get in a fight!
I`m apathetic. It hurts somewhere deep inside of me, but on the outside I`m indifferent.
I`d insult them right back. I`d mock them and laugh at them, showing how little they`re worth.
9. If you could be someone else, would you?
No, I like who I am and what I stand for.
No, I love being me, even I sometimes dislike aspects of myself.
Yes, sometimes I really hate who I am.
What would be the point?
Definitely! Anyone but me...
Yes, if I could change myself into any other person I chose at will...like shapeshifting...

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