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What bird of prey are you  quiz. Find out what bird of prey you are  There are ten possible outcomes  Plz comment and tell me what you got Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What bird of prey are you?
Find out what bird of prey you are! There are ten possible outcomes. Plz comment and tell me what you got!

1. You would describe yourself as...
Born to be a leader
Very observant
Strong and brave
Fast and agile
Speedy and light on your feet
2. Are you more of a nighttime or a daytime person?
Day is better
Night is better
3. Are you athletic?
I`m very athletic!
I am pretty athletic.
I guess I`m kind of athletic...
I`m not athletic.
4. Do you have dark colored eyes or light colored eyes?
Light colored (blue, green, or mocha brown)
Dark colored (dark brown, hazel, or grey)
5. Where would you want to live out of these places?
A canyon
Mountain forest
6. What is your favorite out of these four types of birds?
7. What bird do you THINK you will get? (please be honest)
Bald Eagle
Golden eagle
Short eared owl
Barred owl
Northern Harrier
Red tailed hawk
Rough legged hawk
Peregrine falcon
Prairie falcon
Night hawk

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Created on:9/12/2015 7:51:12 PM
Made by:Silverwolf3

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