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which big bang theory character are you
are you smart, social or horny

1. how do you cope socially
very well
sort of
i shag everyone i meet
very bad
i cannot talk to the opposite sex
2. how horny are you
i am jerkin off right now
a lot
a little
3. are you consitered intelligent
sort of
im respected
all the way
4. where do you live
with my mother
with friend
next-door to friend
by self
with multiple roommates
5. are you easily emarised
yeh im embarised by my family
only sometimes
never don`t see the point
6. do you like sport
as much as the normal person
only if i have to
never in my life

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Created on:7/12/2012 4:59:03 AM
Made by:deathdealer6

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