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 Betrayl  Heavenly hope and glory  episode     quiz. The rebellion has confirmed their attack on mount Olympus  But they ve hit a snag  Posiden s militia has been ambushed by Aries whom they ve all beleived was still recovering from his last encounter with Nike  What will become of our heros now    Well let s find out in this next episode of  Betrayl Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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~Betrayl~ Heavenly hope and glory (episode 2)
The rebellion has confirmed their attack on mount Olympus. But they've hit a snag! Posiden's militia has been ambushed by Aries whom they've all beleived was still recovering from his last encounter with Nike! What will become of our heros now?!? Well let's find out in this next episode of ~Betrayl~

1. Calling over the frey, "WE NEED HELP OVER HERE!!!" exclaimed Posiden. The god of the sea was pinned to his chariot with his triton at hand, not able to see eny of his commerads.
o.o umz... I cunfuzzled, what`s going on?!?
GO POSIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O3O
2. But then Baulder got the uperhand on a couple sumarians and slayed them swiftly. "Yah!!!" He lept to Demeter`s aid with Athena off to left and Missy off to the right braking off most of the firepower from the core attack.
Yay me!!!
Hey.... where`s Torrun and them?!?...
Well then!
3. "GET OFF HIM!!!" Selene(Missy) yelled as she swung her fan,knives shooting out from hideing within it at the sumarian gods ganging up on her twin brother Apollo. Persephone and Hestia were begining to loose all hope of a fruitfull victory.
:( osh noez dun loose hope!!!!
is this like some sort of horror story where evoryone dies or what?!?
4. "There`s to many of them!!!" Persephone called out as she smitted a sumarian goddess with her flower dagger. Hestia`s flameing nunchucks were prooveing useless. "Persephone, HELP ME!!!!" She screamed as the mesh of sumarians consumed her.
*gasps* That`s just sad BrindleLeaf you are evil!!!
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! o3o This is a good day for Zoes!!!
*covers mouth with hands* HESTIA!!!! Oh no!!!!
o_o" ...oh....meh gawd!....
5. Athena, seeing what was happening, rushed to her but both she and Persephone were too late... "Hestia!" Athena cried. The fire goddess lay on the ground drenched in her scorched blood. Just then, their reinforcements arrived!
Thank goose-ness!!! oDo
-_-" darnit....
....this is a terrible episode so far!...
6. Nike arrived,landing epicly in a lunge (he flew) at the scene with his bergade just behind him. The mighty warrior stood with malcontent burning in his eyes at the war rageing bellow him.
ewwww Nike!!!! NO GO AWAY!!!!!
Yayz hi Nike!!!! o3o
Ugh where does Torrun come in I mean oh meh gawd!!!!
7. "Amalcron erathi zinthalos!!!" Reciteing that spell he ignited his massive sword and plunges it into the ground, splitting the earth a mile long in blue/white fire that disinigrated all in it`s path within a momment`s touch.
o^o woa.... dah sumarians be screwed man....
OH MEH GAWD!!!!! O3O But still... when am I gunna show upz?!?! *whimpers* Asgaurdians for da win....
8. Thor had flown out of the way, just missing the blow. Missy grined affectionately when she saw him. "Nike!!!" <3 The raiding party of rebell greeks felt a wave of determination sooth them as they turned to see that the war was now in their favor.
(sarcastic) Yay... whoopie!!
Hazzah!!!! oDo
Yay! My dad!!!!! But where`s me?!?! o-o"
9. Athena and Selene made their way over to Nike. "Goddess of War and God of Victory, then plus soooo many more!" Athena said as she repels an attack with her sheild. "Not only that but powerfull norse gods. Their chances,... not lookin` so good!!"
?!?... (me: lay off her allright!!!)
o3o (to first option) HEY! I`m smart when I wanna beh okay!!!
10. Missy and Nike stared at her awkwardly. Selene, feeling neglected by her sister`s exclusion of her from the situation and began to question if Athena felt for her fiance. (Yes, Selene and Nike are engaged!)
What?!?! Why?!?! Eww....
o3o" ....sisseh thinks I did wah?!?...
Ooooooo cat fight!!!!
11. Noticeing the tension in his darling`s expresion twords Athena, eagerly glances back and forth between them two. "Guys, we still have a war to win!"
then win it allready and end this dumb episode!!!
T~T Why is sisseh mad at meh?!?! What did I do?!?! *whimpers*
*munchies on popcorn*
12. Selene nodded swiftly before zipping off, blades flying into the throats of evory sumarian she passed. Roaring, Nike joined her in the action, covering her tracks. "Missy!!!" She skidded to a hault at the sound of her name.
Please call her either Artemis or Diana. (me: 1, Actully,it`s Artemis or Selene you newb!!!)
(to first option) UGH DOES IT MADDER I HATE HER ENYWAY!!!!
Is Torrun even in this episode?!? (me: Yeas of course she is!)
*steals some of the popcorn* Now I beh munchin on et too b!+ch!!! o3o Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!
13. Nike then slayed a god that stood imbetween them. "I`ve got your back!!!" Selene blew a kiss to her fiance then turned around and scliced a sumarian that was planning to counter attack her but gravely failed.
Eppiicc..... FAILURE!!!!!!!! oDo and that`s meh talking!!!!
ugh will somebody just flippen murder them allready!!! I mean gawd....
14. Demeter then called forth the trees into her command,bringing them to life while Posiden slashed a sumarian god with his triton apon his chariot pulled by 4 magnificent pegasuses.
*falls asleep* (me: -_-")
MORE UNICORNS!!!!! oDo !!!!! (me: Again, they aren`t unicorns) Again, I`m calling them that enyway!!
(at option 2) Oh wow....
Urg I hate this!!!
15. "Bullzie!!!" Athena cheered as the spear she threw hit it`s target which was the neck of the sumarian then runs over and yanks it out. Then slamed another one`s stomach with the spear`s staff end. "Too easy!"
That`s alot of killing... (me: yes, yes it is!)
NO GO DIE ATHENA NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!! (me: Shut up!!!)
(to 2nd option) HEY!!! Dat not nice... T~T (me: No, don`t cry!!!It`s allright!!!) o3o all betterz!!!
16. Finding Aries, Nike lunges for him. "VERMON!!!" Nike hissed. Just before Nike was to have killed him, Aries notices his preasence and blocks the attack with his whips. Nike roared as he rebounded. "You`ll pay for the innocense lost today!!!"
Vermon?!? Aries is fricken awesome!!! You take that back Nike!!!
kill em, kill em, kill em!!! o3o
*takes back popcorn and munches on it* Hmm... MINE!
Ugh this is takeing forever!!!!... (me: sorry!)
17. Aries snared."Then I`ll see you in he||!!!" Hehollerd as he cracked his whips. Nike then dogged the attack. "HAVE AT THE!!!!" Enraged with envy, Aries pulled out his kattana and swung it. Nike twirled his flameing sword, blocking the attack.
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don`t block it you looser die!!!!
oDo oooh grudge match!!!
18. Nike`s massive sword plunged into his cheast, Aries screams in pain and hatred, refuseing to die. Nike then pushed harder,outraged by his defiance to end his own suffering. Aries was then killed imediately!
Outch... this episode is kind of gory don`t you think?!? (me: Yes, yes it is!)
NOOOOOOOOOOOO ARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yayz!!!! o3o Go Nike!!!!
19. Athena saw her brother die and ran over to his body.Leaning over,took his whips then eirected and hooked them to her belt. "Who`s the better war deitie now?!?" Amused, Nike waited a momment before proding her belt and clearing his throat.
why you be pokeing meh?!?
*cries* Aries no!!!!
20. Confuzzled, (<-LOL o3o) Athena glanced down at the whips then back up at Nike. "You need these don`t you?!?... She hands them to him. "I want it back though!!!" Mumbleing a laugh, Nike nodded. "Will do!"
Shay is this gunna be over soon?!? (me: o~o)
Urg that did not go how it was supposed to!!!
o+o He be givving meh back those whips right?!?! I wannum!!! T~T
*wakes up drowsely and steals some popcron* Man am I bored!! This is the longest quiz ever!!!
21. Nike held up the fallen general`s weapons and hollors in tryumpth. Almost instantaneously after hearing him, the sorviveing sumarian gods/goddesses shreik and run away, disapearing into the forrest beyond. "Yeah, run away low lifes!!!" Athena called.
Yeah, what she said!!!
Yeah, what I said!!!
*rolls eyes*
22. Hands Athena back the whips then sees Selene, drops his sword and races to her. Missy lept into his arms and laughed abit as he twirled her in the air. "We won, we won, we won!!!" He cried. Demeter began to dance merrily. "We did it!!!!"
(sarcastic) Yay!!!
OH MEH GAWD!!!!!!! O3O
oDo I got my whips back!!! yayz!!!! *huggs them*
23. Posiden made his way over to them, still proudly on his chariot. "You finnaly mannaged to assist us!!!" "Yeah, your right! Silly me,why did I reclaim Delphi? Who cares if it played a key role in Zoes`s strikeing power!?!" Nike said sarcasticly.
Silleh Nike!!! o3o
24. Posiden laughed. "Tushay old friend!Because of you, another battle behind us!!!" Nike shook his head and kissed Selene`s cheak. "Nay, it was becuase of US Posiden!,all of us!!!" "Well done evoryone!" Athena added, nodding.
25. "Excuse me," Posiden began. "but I`m going to make shure that the wounded see Nymph!" He cracks his reigns and heads off.... (to be continued in the next part of the episode!!!)
See ya shay!!!
Thank gawd it`s over!!!

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