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Betrayl  Leagonds  amp  Leagacys  quiz. Thousands of years ago ancient Greeks created the beleif in powerfull imortals with gifts and abillaties far greater than that of a human being Gods and Goddesses Join them on their rule breaking breath taking gravity defying venture through troubleing family fudes war  amp  everlasting love    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Betrayl- Leagonds & Leagacys
Thousands of years ago,ancient Greeks created the beleif in powerfull imortals with gifts and abillaties far greater than that of a human being.Gods and Goddesses.Join them on their rule breaking,breath taking,gravity defying venture through troubleing family fudes,war & everlasting love !!!

1. (Me: yu wild enough for awsomeness?!?)
I am awsomeness!!
You flippen kidding me?!?I have to get ready first!!!!
2. It all began with nothing.Father Sky and Mother Earth then appeared...... The two fell in love and together bore 12 tittans.The youngest of them,Cronos,overthrew Father Sky.Takeing his place as king.
He`s mean!!!
He`s my kind of guy!!!!
jerk !!!!
3. Cronos took his sister Rea as his wife.They then soon had children of their own.Evorytime this happend,Cronos orderd Mother Earth to have them killed.She saved and hid the few of them she could though.
AAaawww...... why couldn`t they all die!?!
*gasps* That is SO cruel!!!! How could he even think about killing his own children?!?!
what a b@ster!!!!
4. Sutch as..... Demeter: Goddess of the earth
5. Hades: God of death and ruler of the underworld
6. Hestia: Goddess of fire
Flammin` hot cheetoes!!! (o3o)
7. Posiden: God of water also king of hoarses and earthquakes
he seams like a splash!!!
8. Hera: Goddess of marraige and wommen
9. and the youngest Zeus who claimed the sky like his grandfather because he knew that it would make him king.IF...only if Cronos was disposed of.Which he was.Zeus was, is and allwase will be like his father.
ok then.....
10. Posiden,Hades,and Zeus killed their father together as a team.It only then seamed fair that they held a race and whom ever one,would rule in Cronos`s place.That`s exactly what happend.Zeus won,Posiden second,and Hades came in last place.
was it like a foot race or something?!?
why couldn`t they have a "chicken" contest and who ever moved out of the car`s way last,wins!!!
How the hey did Zeus win?!Did he like cheat or something because Posiden was obviosly the best!!!
11. Once crowned,Zoes married Hera and had many children.
I slap yu!!!
o.o```` should I be disturbed?!?
Go Zeus!!!!
*rolls eyes* Oh wow.
12. They included Aphrodite: Goddess of love
That`s cool....
13. Apollo: God of the sun,light and prophecy
14. Ares: God of war
15. Athena: Goddess of war & wisdome
16. Dionysus: God of wine
I can tottaly see that! I mean,he kinda looks like an alcoholic!!!
17. and Apollo`s twin sister Artamis: Goddess of the moon....
18. and of the hunt......
OOOooohhh..... awsome sause!!!!!
19. Not one of those I mentioned came from Hera or even the same mother.Except for the twins obvcourse!!!But this familly of Olympians wern`t the only Gods or Goddesses in existance.There was Hypnose: God of dreams
Kinda figured.
20. Nike: God of victory
21. Persephone: Goddess of spring well....I think she still counts as an Olympian because she`s Demeter`s daughter so nevermind her.
22. But enyway,unlike Cronos,Zeus expects that his thrown will be taken over.He has now made it a goal to get rid of all who appose a threat to him.His brother Posiden,his sisters Demeter,and Hestia and most of his children were imeadeatly in danger.
Go Zeus!!!!!
How could he even think about doing that?!?!
23. He then brought Nike to mount Olympus to warn him to stay away.Those two words,Nike knew he couldn`t obey.Thus began the war.....
oooooohhhhh...... 0-0 ...... the war ......
Idiot!You can`t fight Zeus!!!He`s to awsome!
Ok,when am I gunna show up?!?
24. A war that over a madder of days,the skirmishes broke out into full,blown out battles that took almost evorything from evoryone.But Zeus`s mistake,and this is just plain logic,can you really beat the god of victory?!?I mean really think about it....
Well,if Zeus wants to then he WILL!!!!
Was that a question?!?!?!?!?!?
Well.... it MIGHT be possible but yeah.... not likely
25. Zeus put this into concideration and teamed with sumerian gods.Over 300 of by one,our band of heros began looseing hope.Untill a miracle accured.Nymh,the babbeh of their team, found Asgaurdians!!!!
aawww......... d@mmit....
They can recrute who ever they want to,but Hades is gunna beat the crap out of both sides!!!!!!
26. After befriending the lovelyTorrun: The granddaughter of Oden and daughter of Thor the light has shone opon them once again.They now had a chance to level the playing feild a bit......
Wha-hooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Thor swings his hammer back and forth,he swings his hammer back and forth!!!!!
This just isn`t right man!!!
27. .......... The rest has yet to be written .............
*claps* That was flippen awsome!!!!
That sucked.......
Asgaurd forever man!!!!!!!! // Greece forever man!!!!!!!!!!
That`s where your wrong,there is nothing else left to write !!!!!!!!

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