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Betrayl   Conquest Devine    epicode    quiz. Though his kingdom beggs of him otherwise Zues has made up his mind  quot If it means to keep my crown I will sentence ALL of you to death I don t care who you are    quot  Greece s imortal  royalty are fearing a persicuteion from their father uncle husband brother grandfather Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Betrayl- ~Conquest Devine~ (epicode 1)
Though his kingdom beggs of him otherwise,Zues has made up his mind."If it means to keep my crown,I will sentence ALL of you to death I don't care who you are!!!" Greece's imortal royalty are fearing a persicuteion from their father/uncle/husband/brother/grandfather.

1. Nike and posiden raced apon sterdy stalions to the kingdom of misonie:their hideout.The two men are just now returning from Delphi where they droped off Missy.(her real name is Artamis,but I gave her a nickname because I think it sounds like a guy`s)
Why did they drop her off?!Please,I`m curious!!!
:. ---> ~>`<~ <--- .:
2. "How well do ya think it`s going right now?!" Posiden asked,laughing.Nike,still paying attention to where he was going,glanced over at him and joined in ."Well,how "special" does Apollo feel today?!"Posiden playfully shook his head grinning.
Oh wow....
Apollo?!Oh... Delphi is his home and Missy is his sist-OOOh.... ok I get it now!!!!
What was funny?
3. Reatching their destination,They put the hoarses back in the stable and once again raced eatchother inside the abandond castle.(Posiden won...he tripped Nike with his triton)
*laughs* Nice Posiden!!!
*tilts head and widens eyes*.....hugh?.....
4. Athena bounded to the door."I`m commin`,I`m commin`,don`t worry!" As she opend the door,she saw only Nike standing behore her laughing."Whaz funny?" "You crushed Posiden!" "Oh....sorry!"
*laughs* Silly meh!!! (to last option) Heeyy!!!!! >;-D
*rolls eyes playfully* Athena!!!
*rolly eyes* Athena you idiot!!!!
5. Nike walked over and helped Posiden squeeze out from behind the heavy solid gold door and smirks."So mutch for you being the goddess of wisdome am I right?!" Athena laughs and punches his arm playfully."Shut Up!!!"
._. .....
6. MeanWhile,over at Delphi-the oracle of Apollo to be exact!, Missy and her brother were haveing their fair share of laughs.But it suddenly was drowned out by the sound of thunder and a flash of lightning."What the drat?!" Apollo hollerd.
Oh no!!! Zeus!!!!!!
Bad poppy!!!Your children are friends,not food!!!!
YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Missy blinked away the too bright lights to find her father standing in the middle of the room,droping what used to be their mother on the floor,ripped and sliced evorywhere.ther seemed to be no end to the torture she went through.The twins gasped.
*gasps* Oh no he didn`t!!!!!!
8. Zeus groweld."Sorrender rulers of night` and day!!!!I....I ZEUS IS THE KING OF THE GODS!!!!!!NO ONE, not even my own offspring will take MY THROWN AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"Apollo sneered.Missy narrowed her eyes.
o.o ......
If you put one hand on one of their heads dad,I swear I`m gunna .....uh....well,it`s gunna be bad!!!
KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Zues powerd up,ready to attack,but before he could,a second blast of thunder raged in through the opend window. The three were blasted in difforent directions.Zues into the wall behind him,Apollo onto the coutch and his sisster down on the floor.
EPIC!!!!!!!!! ...wait,should I be concernd or happy about this?!
This is SOOOOOO gunna be good..... *grabs popcorn*
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....dammit....
10. Unleashed from the bolt,Thor Sif and thier daughter Torrun launched themselves into battle along with Eros(cupid) who droped in to assist his grandfather.Zeus awoke to the hit of Thor`s hammer."Ahhhhh!!!!"
Thor swings his hammer back and forth,he swings his hammer back and forth!!!!!!! *laughs hard*
11. Sif smashed her sword into Eros/cupid`s side,causeing blood to fly evorywhere.Eros screamed in pain. With her parents engaged in angerd pursuit of a fatal fight,Torrun rushed to her BFFL,helped her off the ground and then head for Apollo.
Go Asgaurd!!!!!!!!! Go me!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
*giggles* wait HEEYYY!!!!!! I thought I was yur BFFL!!!!! (me:Nooo yur my sissy!) Oh.....ok! ...gosh... Zeus just pwn them allready!!!!!!!!
12. Missy then took out her syth and was about to jump in and help out Thor or Sif till Torrun came up from behind her and told her to use the horn of thunder and call for backup....
Backup?! Ok! *steps backward* There! (me:*facepalms*) What?! I "backed up" ......right?!?....
*claps* Wait...what`s the horn of thunder?!? (me: you`ll find out!!!)
13. The MoonGoddess nodded softly before placeing her prized weapon on the rug and takeing out her horn. Blowing into it,she created a call of thunder,alerting Nike,Posiden,Athena,and Demeter back home that they were under attack.
-.- .... so like,the two awsome peoplez are gunna loose?!?
*jumps* "Oh holly poo,what was that?!?"
Blow: sung by kesha of pressent day U.S.A. , perfected by Missy of ancient Greece !!!!! *laughs*
14. Athena jumped and hollord,"poo!!!!What the hell was that!!! Nike stared at her expressionless."Wow...I think that is the most words you ever spoke in a single sentence..." Posiden rolled his eyes."Don`t curse,it`s a sign of stupididy!"
No it not!!!!!
*laughs* Oh gawd...
*rolls eyes* Ya know,why can`t Zeus or Ares be the star of this thing?!?
15. The three imortals continued to play around with eatchother till the sound of thunder stroke again.Nike`s eyes widend."Oh holly poo man...that`s Missy`s horn!!" The troublded God ran out the door. Athena stared at him blankly."...Wha?..."
Thankyou!I mean,how many times does the girl have to blow till ya hear it allready?!I mean gosh....
16. Posiden rolled his eyes."I thought I just said not to curse!!!" The king of the sea rushed back into the stables after Nike.Athena stood motionless and expresionless monnentarely before finaly understanding what was going on."Oh...Guys wait up!!!"
Dun leave meh!!!!!
Oh wow Athena....
can we fricken skip to the part where Zues kills them all allready!?!?!
17. "Yah!" Nike roared,cracking the rains.His white and blond stalion `FreeRain` gave way into a dash.In seconds,They were out of Posidens sight who was trying to catch up."Nike!!!Slow down,if needed to attack we have to do this together!!!"
Yeah!!!......wait,what?!No!!!Don`t go at all!!!!!!Stay home!!!!!!Bake a cake or something!!!!!!!!
Run unicors run!!!!!!!!!!! (actully,the`re not unicorns...) Oh..I`m calling them it enyway!!!!!
18. "Nike!!!" The god of victory kept his speed unchanged though listening to Posiden clearly.He was determind to get to Delphi in time to save his beloved and commorads from Zeus and his basterd ass.
19. Thor lost control of Zeus and was stunned by volts of electricety.Sif jumped in to help her husband but was then struck from behind by Eros/cupid with his knife.Torrun then let go of Apollo to help her mother,droping him onto Missy.
Wow.... what a visious cycle.... MORE!!!HURT THEM MORE!!!!!!!
....jeeeesh..... well dang!
I mean gosh....
20. Barely being able to support her brother`s weight,Missy strugled to get him out of the temple/oracle and into the forrest where she thought would be "away from harm" but was oh so wrong.Waiting for them was Ares.Armed with a whip and kattana blade.
Uh oh-spagettie-o!!!
Oh snap... this is gunna end well!!!
YESH!!!!! Ares beat the poo out of `em!!!!
21. So I don`t make this to long for yu guys,what happens next will be reaveld in part two of this epicode so,untill then : (to be continued....)
Bu-bye!!!!! *waves*
See ya!
Finnaly it`s over!!!

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