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The best Twilight quiz ever!!!
How well do you really know twilight? (e)

1. What kind of car does Edwad drive?
A red convertable
A silver volvo
A yellow porche
none of the abouve
2. What colour are Edwards eyes?
black and gold
yellow and purple
3. What year was Edward born in?
4. Why is Carlisle good at resisting human blood?
That is his "Talent"
He has lots of pactice
he`s not...
He just is...
5. What is the chaacter who "steals" a kiss from Bella. ( Eclipse)
6. Why are the vampires so beautifel?
The are chosen as beautifle people.
they use that to attract thier prey
they just are...
None of the above
7. What is the pesent that Edward gives to Bella on her birthday?
A radio for her truck
two plane tickets
a heart jewel
his own composition CD
8. Where did Edwad hide the CD, pictures and plane tickets when he left her?
underneath her floorboards
he took them with him
in her underwear drawer
in Charlies coat pocket
9. What does Edward want from Bella before he turns her?
Her grades
Her diamond necklace
her apple tree in her backyard
her hand in marriage
10. How old was Edward when he was turned?
11. Why doesn`t Bella want to wait before she gets tuned?
Because she is curious about being a vampire
She doesn`t want to be older than edward
she wants to get away from Charlie
She is living on the streets
12. Who came back to visit Bella after the Cullens left?
13. What attracts Laurent, James and Victoria?
They smelled Bella
They heard the Cullens playing baseball
They were hungrey
they were not hungey, just stopped for a visit
14. What does Edward do to help his temper?
Hold the bridge of his nose
Take deep breaths
close his eyes
all of the above
15. What does Jake do to get Bella grounded?
showed Charlie his blackeye from when she punched him
Put her motorcycle in her driveway
Broke Bella`s window, and blamed it on her.
Boke the tree in their backyad down.

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