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Are you a Best Friend?
Find out if you're The Bestest Friend Ever!

1. How much time do you hang out with your best friends?
Nearly all my time!
Whenever I can
I can`t, I`m with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
2. How many times do you call you best friend(s)?
A lot!
Whenever I can
Not a lot but whenever I`m not with someone else!
3. If your friend was crying, how would you know?
People would tell me.
I would see them and run over to them.
I would be right next to them!
4. If your best friend moved away, how would you keep in touch?
I would ring them
I would text and email them
I would write letters
I would visit them
All of the above!
5. If they asked you a big favour but you really had to go to the toilet, would you do it?
Of couse!!
I need to go first! I`ll be back!!
Sorry, I have to go. See you tommorow though!

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Created on:10/1/2008 5:01:52 AM
Made by:Winnie_Pooh

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