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which Bella Swan cullen are you  Girls only  quiz. Are you Bella when she lived in pheonix or are you Bella when she meets Edward  Or are you Bella when Edward leaves her  or Bella when she is a vamp  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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which Bella Swan/cullen are you (Girls only)
Are you Bella when she lived in pheonix or are you Bella when she meets Edward? Or are you Bella when Edward leaves her? or Bella when she is a vamp?

1. How many friends have you and who are your friends?
well, my mom is my best friendand then i´m alone. sometimes my mom dosen´t understand me either
i don´t have any friends at all/ I have one friend. and i´m really depressed
i have bunch of people who are my friends
i have some friends but it´s ONE boy who is MUCH more important!
2. what food do you eat?
i don´t like to eat couse i´m depressed but if i really have too...
i don´t eat too much couse i don´t have time. it´s a boy who is much more important!
i guess i eat like a normal human... sallad, pizza. meat
I eat really much! can´t get enough food! hungry!
3. are you bored?
my life is... boring but it´s not like i´m depressed or something! i´m happy the way everything is!
i have a really fun life! everyday something new happends! sometimes dangerous things!
i´m so depressed! life is boring!
soemtimes it happends new things every day but sometimes not...
4. do you like to fight?
i love to fight! it´s just so funny!
i can´t fight but soemtimes i wanna pucnh someone!
i hate fighting! ew!
i wish i could fight!!! be someone dangerous! but i´m kinda off weak!
5. when do you go to bed? and what do you do at night?
as early as possibly! i sleep and dream nightmares
well. like all the normal people do. i sleep and dream boring things...
as late as possibly!/ never! im with my boyfriend!
like midnight... i can´t sleep well. i dream about my love or some interesting things.
6. are you clumsy or gracefull?
i´m really gracefull!
i´m clumsy! really!
well i guess i´m a bit clumsy. i don´t go to gym so...
I´m clumsy but who cares?
7. do you have a bad temper?
i guess... but good to be me!
a little bit... when i get really angry!
8. favorite twilight book?
Twilight! something new happends to Bella!!!!
new moon! it´s so.... what´s the right word? Good!!!
Eclipse! it´s a nice book!!!
i wish it was a book about Bella before she moved to forks! interesting!!!
Breaking dawn! the end!!!
9. what music do you like?
I hate music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some rock or something like debussy
i don´t have time for music!
everything but not something with too much noise!
10. do you want too be a vampire?
how do i do that?
vampires?!?! there are no vampires in this world! what are you? crazy?!
yes, it would be really fun!
i don´t have that chance. it is possibly but not for me! but sometimes i want to!
11. what car would you like to have?
i want too run! ok... if i have too i pick some volvo or something! i don´t care...
my old truck! i love it!
i can´t drive yet. i´m not 16 years yet.
motorcycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dangerous!!
12. do you have a dream?
yes and i´m already in it! everything is perfect!
no that´s not really like me...
find out thing´s about the one i ´m in love with!!!!
i had a dream before... but now it´s impossibly...
13. realition status?
i´m single. i haven´t found anyone and i guess i will never do that.
it´s this hot guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i don´t know if he likes me...
i´m single. i had a boyfriend and he left m.......... i don´t wonna talk about this!!!
i´m married to a super hot guy!!!! but i´m kinda young....
14. fav character?
i don´t know anything about these people...
all the cullens!!! but most edward!
anyone of the cullens!!!! please!!! just one of them!!!

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