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Beautiful pics - have your mind hypnotized!
These are some of my favorites!

1. Let`s start with abstract art.
Cool I guess.
That`s sooo dumb.
2. Like it?
No... LOVE it!!
Sure I just like it a bit.
No... I DON`T like it.
3. Is that an hour glass in the middle?
Mhm whatever...
Ooh how beautiful!!
Ewww what the heck is that? Fake art!! Ugly!!
4. It`s like beauty floating over water....
Whoa thats gorgeous!
Hmm... needs work.
5. I call this one: endless oppurtunities.
Why? that`s a dumb name. Doesn`t make sense.
Ooh I get it!!
Umm OK?!?!?!
6. What is that?
Something that was struck by lightning
Random colors in intracate patterns
Fairy Dust
All of the above
7. Ok I call this one "A reflection".
Yeah yeah whatever!
This art stinks.
Beautiful! Hypnotizing!!
8. Swirly colors!
Oh yeah!
9. Beautiful eagle!
Soaring! Lovely!
Whatever. At least abstract is over.
10. A fairy!
I see it more of an angel.
Oh my gosh! It is WONDERFUL!!
Like... impossible, thats such a fake picture.
11. So big... and us... so small....
I love waterfalls, and that - that waterful is glorious!
12. LoveLEE!!
yes its lovely!
Over now?
Unfortunently not over :(
13. Bubbles!!!!!
ZzZzZzZz....... what?
14. giant ocean wave!
Such great force...
Sure I`ve seen pictures like that before... nothing that great!!
Ocean waves are stupid. (me: ooh!! how dare you!)
15. So large... stretching so far!!
I wanna slide over it SOO badly!
Yeah yeah yeah
It`s OVER!!!

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Created on:6/20/2008 5:36:17 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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