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What Beatles song are you?
Find out which Beatles song most descibes your personality.

1. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend break up. You cry forever and ever. You wish it never happened.
2. Someone keeps bragging that they`ll change the world someday because they`re so smart. You know it`s a bunch of crap and tell them off.
3. Your friend`s mom just died. What do you do?
Comfort them as much as you can.
You don`t give one, so you don`t do anything.
You cry too because you loved their mom too. You also yell at anyone who insults her.
The last thing you said to your friends mom was mean, so you`re really sad.
4. Your girlfriend/boyfriend goes on vacation with their family for a month. What do you do?
Cry and stalk the mailman, blaming him for the fact that all you`re getting in the mail are bills.
Get on with your life.
Yell at all your pictures of them.
Think that they didn`t go on vacation, they left you.
5. What do you think about most?
Your recent breakup.
The way things are.
The annoying people who never shut up about how they hate the way the world is.
How much you and your girlfriend/boyfriend fight.
How you can help your best friend at a time of need.
That you don`t have any friends, and you really need some right now.
How much you hate the mailman.
All of the above.
6. Do you and your girlfriend/boyfriend fight a lot?
I don`t have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
7. Is your life full of sunshine and rainbows, kitties and puppy dogs, smiles and laughter, and nothing else?
No! Who`s is?!
8. Do you like The Beatles? (This question does not affect your score)
I`m obsessed!
Kind of
Not really
No way! I am just taking this quiz because I was bored!
9. What did you think of my quiz?
Awesome! You should make another!
It could use some improvement.
It sucked!
10. Will you rate or comment? (Please comment and say what kind of quiz you think I should do next.)

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Created on:4/17/2008 10:48:20 PM
Made by:heyjude95

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