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What Beatles song are you {part 1}?

1. What mood are you usually in on any given day?
Depends :P
Sedate and somewhat excited for what the day has yet to bring :)
Unsure, but a bit depressed =/
Worry free :)
2. Which do you value most in life?
Serenity spent alone with myself
Love that lasts <3
Happiness for all(:
Friends and all my other loved ones :D
3. Your opinion on society?
Peaceful, positive change
I have no point of view, really :P
We should all be friends and cooperate :3
The world is corrupt! Isn`t it obvious?? Aggghhh, I`m sooo confused!
If only there was a special and happy place to escape to, ya know?
4. What would you describe yourself as?
Popular (in the best wayyy!) ;)
Confused (if `love-drunk` was an actual adjective, I`d say that) :P
A mind of bright ideas, a voice to be heard :)
A dreamer :) all you need is happiness <3
I`m indifferent.... about alot of things, you know?

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Created on:6/15/2011 12:40:19 PM
Made by:mimi1313

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