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Which of The Beatles would you be?
Self-explanatory. Which of the four Beatles would you be?

1. Firstly, what settles you down the most if you`ve been feeling anxious?
Most likely a good laugh, maybe some gin? I don`t know, man.
I need some time alone or spent with close friends or family who won`t add to the pressure.
Nothing really relaxes me. I have to ride through the storm and wait until it blows off.
I don`t usually get anxious. I ease through things.
Some time with the person I love the most.
Gotta block it all out with some good laughter. It`s the best medicine after all.
2. Are you easily pressured or influenced by others?
Yes, but admitting to it would be the death of me. I`m mostly original, after all.
I`m the one laying down that sweet influence, love.
I don`t care too much what people think but I`m easy influenced.
I really don`t give a damn either way. I`m entirely my own person.
My ideas are all my own but I`m easily pressured . .
3. Would you consider yourself an attractive person?
In personality I`m massively, but I can`t tell with my appearance. It changes.
I`m extremely confident in myself in every way.
Not one bit.
I`d change some things about myself, but I`m decent.
I can`t tell if I`m foxy or atrocious.
I`m actually revolting but whoops.
4. Which of these scenarios devastates you the most?
Being isolated from those who care for you.
Being financially decrepit.
Losing your mind.
Being entirely unattractive.
Monsters from nightmares becoming real.
Your SO dying/leaving you.
5. Which of these scenarios makes you feel the most positive?
A boat ride out with friends. Lots of laughing and sunshine.
A relative leaving you a fairly large sum of money.
A cup of hot tea and you`re in your favourite chair. Rain on the window.
A large party with lots of fun and drinks. Everyone`s there.
Somebody surprises you with a gift of three things you`ve wanted for months.
6. The most attractive clothing style for yourself out of these is?
Jumpers, polo-neck sweaters, jean trousers. Classic with your own touch.
Flamboyant, stripey, loud, bejeweled.
Lots of suits. Very sweetly masculine and classic but sometimes something extra thrown in.
Slick, pinstriped, in-charge. Modern as it gets while still regaining a classic touch somewhere.
Very whimsy and colourful. Something to wear out to a garden. Lots of prints.
7. Where would you see yourself in a band? Be honest.
Heading it. Leading. On top.
Guiding it skillfully. Driving it to success.
Working together with the other blokes as best I can to make some good tunes.
I need to be out in the front and I need us to succeed. It`s my dream of all dreams.
Helping it along. Contributing finely. I`d be a master at my work.
8. Now now, what`s your alignment?
Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
True Neutral
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Evil
9. Which role would you want to play in a band?
Bass guitar
A tuba or something
Whatever I`m playing I`m also leading
I wouldn`t want to play anything. Let me deal with the managing
10. What thing do you most identify with?
A flower
The sun
A sharp rock
A bottle of shoeshine
An oriental carpet
A shiny pocketknife
11. Which girl`s name do you fancy most?

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