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Could we be friends?
find out if you and me would get along... (e)

1. favorite time of day?
morning-around 9:00am is best
night time -either partying or sleeping
early morning-3:00am
evening , I love the sunset!
afternoon. I love it when it`s sunny and bright!!!
2. dinner time ^_^
steak. steak steak!
meatloaf and mashed potatos
vegetable stew and crackers
vegetarian chicken pattie on bun and fries
I don`t eat, I want to be skinny
cheese lasagna and apple pie 4 dessert
3. you wake up late for school. the clock is ticking, what do you wear?
a hoodie ,tight pants, and flats -I want to look cute
baggy jeans and shirt
long skirt and tee
new sweater and shorts
NAKED! FOR ALL I CARE! gotta get to schoool!
4. mean people suck
I suck?
some don`t....(me: ????)
no they don`t! YOU SUCK!
yea sure whatever *eye roll*
5. Want to come over to my house tomorrow?
why not
sure, I would love to!
nah, I have some homework to catch up on
NOOOO ewwww. you smell! (me: okayy den)
are you rich?
I would if I knew you more
6. water
Yes please!
this quiz is stupid, get a life
I hate water
YOU FREAK hen you drink water you are KILLING IT!!!!
7. Will you comment on this quiz?
no. :0
yea, I might.
yep, to let people know how much this quiz SUCKS

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Created on:10/20/2007 9:55:27 PM
Made by:kiwiBABY0

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