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What Type of Basketball Player are You quiz. This quiz will tell you if you your style of playing  Hope you enjoy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Type of Basketball Player are You
This quiz will tell you if you your style of playing. Hope you enjoy!

1. You have an open shot from the foul line. You...
Make the shot and run screaming on the court, waving to the crowd.
Quickly pass the ball. No way am I shooting!
Take the shot and hopefully make it!
I never get the ball anyway, but if I did I guess I would shoot it!
Shoot it and most likely miss.
2. You are taken out of the game after playing the first quarter. You...
Try to convince your coach that he is hurting the team`s chances of winning by taking you out
Say ok and sit down.
Smile and nod and high five your teammates.
It`s no surprise. I`m barely ever in.
I`m relieved!!! I`m not helping my team LOL
3. How many points do you usually make per game?
Usually all of them.
A few, no more than 3.
A handful.
I never have the ball! Two points on my luckiest days.
Not many. 0-4.
4. You get the ball at the three point line. You...
Show off and go for the 3.
Pass the ball.
Dribble in a little farther and either take the shot or pass.
I would go in for the layup. Someone would probably steal it from me though!
5. Let`s talk defense!
I`m awesome at that too!
I`m scared I`m going to foul!
I`m usually pretty good.
Someone always takes over for me so I don`t really do anything.
I try, but they usually get past me.
6. Did you win your latest game?
We played hard!!!
I don`t even remember

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