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What bar speaks to you
where do you spend 5/7 nights a week?

1. How passionate are you about trivia
deeply deeply passionate
no thanks, I don`t drink
I`ll play if it`s happening
oh please god no
2. How many people would you like be sipping a cold one with?
As few as possible please
A hefty dose but not crowded
I`ve made too many regrettable decisions so I no longer drink, thank you though
All of them
3. How much do you want your pool game to cost
I do not pay for my pool
I`d lay out a few cents
I prefer raw vegan life juice (I don`t drink)
Go drat yourself with your pool and your trivia
4. Feelings on music?
Classic tunes with the bros
I want that sweet sweet edm to blast my eardrums
it`s really not cool to assume everyone drinks
I prefer the tunes of dusty old men speaking of nam
5. What would you like to put on your body before you leave your house
My classiest sweats with the lipstick stain
some long johns and a sweater
nothing, ideally. I guess my most shirt-looking bralette
on several occasions I peed myself while drunk so I don`t drink anymore
6. Cigs inside?
Nah, I juule bro
oh hell yes let that dank cancer juice flow
My mother abandoned my after I dropped out of AA for the third time
7. How much would you like to spend on a drink
Nothing, but I`ll donate 1.75$
drat one drink get me a pitcher for 9$
I will give my heart, soul, and 8$ for some watered down rube
I don`t remember my child`s formative years because I was blacked out
I guess I`ll get an overpriced pbr

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Created on:2/19/2018 3:31:46 PM
Made by:massivedong

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