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Avatar: T.L.A. - Which Nation Would You Be Born Into? (Pix)
Read the title and your all set. (e)

1. Which climate do you feel most comfortable living in?
Antartica or Alaska - The snow, ice, igloos and dog sledding would be the life!
Russia or Scotland - Somewhere that I can sit down with mountains and get away from it all!
Hawaii or the Bahamas - I love to be in hot, exotic climates where you can simply chill!
Canada or Asia - I love to travel, but most of all I love the high, high mountains!
2. Which animal do you like best?
A fox
A lemur
A husky
A pheonix
3. What is your natrual hair color?
4. Which hairstyle could we ever catch you in?
Warriors` Ponytail
5. Which nation do you respect and honor or which one`s your favorite?
Fire Nation - It`s an awsome nation!!! And the next season of Avatar is gonna be Fire!!!
Air Nomads - They`re just so free! I wanna live like that!!!
Water Tribe - It`s the best nation you want to be with! I mean, they`re so helpful and kind!!!
Earth Kingdom - It rocks! They are so tough, strong and brave which equals up to be the best nation!
6. What`s your personality most like?
Mature, kind, responsible, caring,
Self-assured, strong, tough, independent
Short-tempered, cruel, trouble maker, brave
Fun-loving, immature, carefree, funny
7. Last question: what do you think of the picture on the left of Katara? (I EDITED it to make her look like me and my favorite color is green)
It`s really cool! How did you do that?
It`s nice...?
Wow. That`s pretty impressive.
You didn`t edit that! I bet you found that image from the internet!!!

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