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Which Avatar girl is best for you?
find out who would totally date you (e)

1. What personality would you like to find in a girl?
Happy all th time!
an awesome kisser! (is that a personality trait?) what ever!
doesn`t like to show emotion.
Trust worthy
2. whats your favorite color?
all of the above!
none of the above
3. what`s one thing you can`t stand in a girl?
all the time happiness!
no emotion
all of the above!
4. where would your dream girl take you on a date?
a fancy restaraunt
a circus
a picnic by the lake
an eat outside restaraunt
were you first met
5. do you think women should stand up for what they beleive in?
No WAY! they are supposed to stand back and listen to the men!
not really sure...?
why not? it won`t hurt...?
who cares what they do, what ever floats their boat!
6. are you better than girls?
Do you need to ask that question? (yes!)
No WAY! Women are soooo much cooler!!!
NO! I think we`re all equal!
7. Do you look for beauty or heart and trust in a girl?
BEAUTY!!! DUH!!!!!
Heart and trust, definatly!!!
do i have to answer?
8. how many girlfriends have you had in your lifetime?
3 or less.
5 or more!

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Created on:6/22/2007 11:58:17 AM
Made by:tophgirl

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