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What Avatar character are you most like?
Avatar *drool* ahhhhhhh.....(e)

1. You burn yourself while making some soup, you
become enraged, and burn everything in sight!
Owch! *heals yourself*
Ow! Why wasen`t I making tea?
Go get your sister to heal you.
be glad its not your feet, you wouldn`t be able to see!
aaaAAAHHHHHHHH! *goes into Avatar state*
have no time to tend to your wound, you MUST restore your honor!
2. The thing you most care about is,
Protecting your best friend.....*twitch*
Making tea!
Saving the world!
Restoring your honor!
Trying to be more girly....
Play with your boomerang.
3. Do you like tea?
Tea is my life! *pours cup of tea*
Its good once in awhile.
Bleh! *unhappy face*
never had it.
4. Do you like boomerangs?
*annoyed* NO!
Yes! *huggs boomerang*
What`s a boomerang?
Only if they help me take ofer the world!
5. Your lost for days in the jungle and happen apon a bag of sandwitches, you:
*too busy eating to answer*
Accidently step on them.
If only it was tea.......
Leave them alone, they could be old...
Get angry at the sandwitches.
6. Someone calls you a bad name, you:
aaaAAAGGGGG! *goes into the Avatar state*
Chase them down and light them on fire!
Make some tea.

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