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are you attracted to clickbait?
the name explains everything

1. You come to a video game website, and see an ad for the worlds oldest person, you...
Click on it immediately!
Totally ignore it.
want to click on it, but choose not to.
2. You visit amazon, and see an awesome deal on apple earbuds if you click this.
Obviously... Click it! They`re apple earbuds!
well, I would click it, but it`s probably a scam
3. You`re on pinterest, tumblr, snapchat, etc.. and you have to...
stop and look at every picture and post there is.
don`t even look at anything but the pictures.
just stop occasionally at a post and pic now and then

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Created on:11/27/2017 10:04:09 PM
Made by:Farmgirl15

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