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ATTENTION all who want to be a deputy      quiz. Silverstar again  someone made a comment saying that they would be deputy  I m sure they are a lot of people out there who think they have a chance  Here it is Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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ATTENTION all who want to be a deputy!!!!!
Silverstar again, someone made a comment saying that they would be deputy. I'm sure they are a lot of people out there who think they have a chance. Here it is!

1. NightClan has attacked our camp, the NightClan deputy, has pinned your apprentice down;but I`m on my list life (not really) and the NightClan leader is ontop of me. Who do you save?
Save your apprentice, the NightClan leader can kill Silverstar. I`ll become leader then :)
Ask another warrior to save your apprentice while I save Silverstar.
Let them both die
Get the NightClan leader off Silverstar, and slam the NightClan warrior off your apprentice.
2. It is the middle of leaf bare, we have the river so we are well fed, but the river is frozen. A StormClan cat is laying among some roots of an oak tree, he is thinand you`ve seen him at Gatherings, his name is Thornpelt. A RippleClan potrol is coming
Run across the border and warm him with a ton of licks.
Let him die, no use to me.
Run to the potrol and ask them what to do, they are senior warriors.
Run back to camp
3. You are on potrol, New leaf is coming and the river is thin, a StormClan warrior run across the ice chacing a water vole.He falls through the ice. What do you do?
Save him! You are a RippleClan cat, you know how to swim!
When he comes up for air yell out, `Go for a swim, mouse-brain?`
Call to the other members of your potrol to help him.
4. When you wake up from your usual after-potrol nap, you hear a wailing queen, you think one of her kits had just died so you atay in bed, then your best friend comes rushing into the den and says, "Your apprentice was just attacked!" What do you do?
Go find out who killed my apprentice.
Come out of my den and sit vigil then cry my eyes out.
Kill myself so I`l be with him/her in StarClan
Look in between the claws to see NightClan fur, then go kill the cat who matches this pelt
5. The deputy, Wavepelt has just died in battle, you think you are a perfect choice to fill in Wavepelt`s place, what do you do to atchive it?
Go ask Silverstar
Do nothing but hope for the best
6. I appiont you as deputy the go stright back to my den, what do you do?
Set up potrols.
Follow Silverstar to her den, and ask what`s wrong
Stay put and bask in the congrats
7. I tell you my most deepes secret, I have kits in BreezeClan! What do you do?
Flip out and tell everyone in the Clan
Nods and go make more potrols along the BreezeClan border
Don`t say anything
Tell them to stop or to expect war at the Gathering
Tell a StormClan potrol
9. I had lost my forth life, but I remain still after waking up. What do you do?
Shake her awake!
Sit vigil, (she`s dead!)
Let her be still
10. (Last one!) One of RippleClan`s most trusted warriors, Rootface, reveals his hunger for power and threatens to kill everyone in the Clan! What do you do?
Run to BreezeClan and StormClan to help take him down!
FIGHT!!!! DUH!!!!
Kill my Clan along side Rootface, if you can`t beat him, join him

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Created on:11/5/2009 4:29:53 PM
Made by:sliverpaw

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